Best Practices in Leadership Development and Organization Change

In this important book, successful organizations
– including well-known companies such as Agilent Technologies, Corning, GE Capital, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, MIT, Motorola, and Praxair
– share their most effective approaches, tools, and specific methods for leadership development and organizational change. These exemplary organizations serve as models for leadership development and organizational change because they
– Commit to organizational objectives and c…

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The State: Past, Present, Future

Debates about the role and nature of the state are at the heart of modern politics. However, the state itself remains notoriously difficult to define, and the term is subject to a range of different interpretations.
In this book, distinguished state theorist Bob Jessop provides a critical introduction to the state as both a concept and a reality. He lucidly guides readers through all the major accounts of the state, and examines competing efforts to relate the state to other features of s…

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Higher Mathematics for Beginning Physicists and Engineers

Higher Mathematics for Beginning Physicists and Engineers by Y. B. Zeldovich, I. M. Yagiom
English | 1988 | ISBN: 0133876489 | 560 pages | Djvu | 8,6 MB
Reader’s review:
This book is a priceless pearl. A rare jewel. I was most fortunate to find this book in the early 1990’s in sort of a book/textbook closeout outlet. It is the best math book I have ever seen. It is my favorite and I have always prized it. With this clear and lucid book, you could teach higher math to grade schoolers.
It …

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Extreme Face Painting 50 Friendly & Fiendish Step-by-Step Demos

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Stepping Out in Cincinnati: Queen City Entertainment 1900-1960

Long before folks had a television set and radio in every room, they sought entertainment by stepping out for a night on the town. The choices around Cincinnati were nearly limitless: live theater at the Cox; spectacular musicals at the Shubert; hotels featuring fine dining and dance orchestras; talking pictures at everyone’s favorite movie palace–the Albee; burlesque and vaudeville shows at the Empress Theater on Vine Street; and gambling casinos were just a short drive across the river in

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The Continuum of Consciousness: Aesthetic Experience and Visual Art in Henry James’s Novels

examines the transformative experience of art in James's fiction. In a 1915 letter to H. G. Wells, James declares, «It is art that makes life.» This book traces the rich implications of this claim. For James, viewing art transformed the self. Many of his contemporaries, including his famous older brother, William, were deeply interested in the study of perception and individual consciousness. James’s fictional use of art reflects these philosophical discussions. Although much valuable sch…

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Dorchester Abbey, Oxfordshire: The Archaeology and Architecture of a Cathedral, Monastery and Parish Church

Dorchester-on-Thames and its abbey have been subjects of antiquarian interest for more than 450 years, and during that time much has been written about them. They are, however, still far from being comprehensively studied and recorded. Indeed, the most substantial architectural description of the medieval church was written as long ago as 1845, and a thoroughgoing reappraisal has long been overdue. In this major new study on the origins, history and architecture of Dorchester Abbey, Warwi…

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The Perfect Conversation Win Any Girl With Words

Most guys have no idea how to have a conversation. They just talk about whatever pops into their head, there is no purpose to their conversation, just chaos. There may be awkward silences while they search for what to say. They have no idea why the girl isn’t hanging on their every word. Afterwards, they wonder why the girl doesn’t want to see them again. The Perfect Conversation teaches just that… the perfect conversation. It will teach you how to get her hanging on your every word, h…

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Hot Earth Dreams What if severe climate change happens, and humans survive

What will the Earth look like if severe climate change happens, and humans survive?
It is not an easy question to contemplate, let alone answer. If severe climate change happens, the Earth will continue to warm for centuries after we’ve exhausted our fossil fuels. Civilization will shatter, the great artworks and monuments vanishing as cities fall into rubble and coasts disappear beneath rising seas. There will be a mass extinction, coral reefs and ice sheets will disappear, and the survi…

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